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The “Perfect Smile” is desired by most adults but unfortunately many adults do not seek care due to extensive treatment time and cost.  In 2012, the New York Times reported that adult orthodontic treatment had increased by 58% from 1994-2010 and in 2014 the American Association of Orthodontics reported  that adults made up 27% of all orthodontic patients totaling over 1.4 million patients.  Even with an increase in adult orthodontic treatment we find that many adults could benefit from orthodontic care and the 5 Starr Smile system can reduce overall treatment time and cost allowing more patients to realize the “Perfect Smile”


5 Starr Smile    What does this stand for?


Space – By using precision polishing of the teeth, this system provides the necessary space needed to straighten the teeth with ease providing a healthy stable smile.


Translation – Once the space is created with polishing,  the teeth are translated to make room so crowded teeth can align quickly.  When space is not available tooth alignment is much, much slower and not as stable in many cases.


Alignment – after translation, crowded teeth are free to align in a very smooth fashion.


Refinement – this is the fine tuning of tooth positions giving each patient a “Signature Smile” going beyond just straight to extraordinary.


Retain – this is the most important phase and is designed to keep the Perfect Smile for Life!!